Decorative glasses without diopters in everyday life

Jewelers, engravers and even doctors cannot do without binocular glasses. The device allows you to see small details with high precision. Using them, a person will complete small jobs without errors. The main thing is to choose the right product so that it does not cause discomfort and is easy to use. Therefore, the editors of the YaNashla website have prepared for you a rating of the best magnifying glasses for small jobs for 2021.

Fashion trends 2021

The trend in 2021 is sunglasses with rich, bright colors. These are yellow, red, blue, green, brown, black.

Mirror lenses are all the rage in all forms.

Stylish round glasses with very large or thin plastic frames, made of wood or metal - all will give a sea of ​​positive emotions. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

Choosing the shape of glasses with transparent lenses

Glasses chosen correctly for the shape of the face can correct shortcomings or highlight advantages:

  • square face - round or rounded glasses with bright or dark frames and a low bridge;
  • round face - rectangular or square glasses with wide temples. Even better if it is a shape with a pointed edge that is directed towards the temple;
  • triangular face - the shape of cat-eye glasses and retro. The rectangular shape is not recommended;
  • oval face – you can experiment with any type of glasses. Particularly noteworthy are the aviator glasses;
  • elongated face - large glasses with any frame. If you take thin glasses, your face will appear even larger.

Glasses frames with clear lenses

Glasses can change your look, so you need to be careful when choosing them. Not only the shape of the glasses and the temples affect the appearance, but the location of the bridge of the nose also matters:

  • wide – can visually widen eyes that are set close to each other;
  • narrow - will help correct a face with wide-set eyes.

Glasses with clear lenses will help you maintain your makeup during rain or hide dark circles.

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What is the correct name for round glasses?

Round lenses on pince-nez first appeared in the 19th century. , since then designers have created many spectacular forms, each with its own name.


Spectacular shocking round glasses, where the emphasis is on mechanics . Externally, the model looks like an old pair of binoculars with rubber bands. They can be found both on catwalks and at parties.

The only disadvantage of such models is that it is difficult to choose clothes to match this shocking image.

Tisheyds ("Lennons")

These round glasses with thin metal frames are called tishades. This is the oldest form of glasses; when glasses with diopters , they were in this form.

They were in fashion in the 1920s, then they were forgotten.

John Lennon gave this model a second life, so another name for the glasses is “Lennons”. It was these models that became simply a calling card in the 1960s. for all the hippies.

They became the prototype of all smart “nerds”, basically, this is how we all imagine the typical image of professors and teachers.

In old films they always use quiet shades. For a stylish look, you need to carefully think through the entire look.

Not at all suitable for round faces , and for others it is necessary to select individual shapes.

Tishades cannot be combined with sporty and romantic styles .

Mirror Tishades

Tishaida mirrored glasses look impressive. Modern youth chooses bold, bright options to add variety to their daily lives.

Rainbow models

Mirror optics are reliable protection; this fashionable accessory will suit a sporty or casual style. In summer, girls can wear lenses of all shades with light sundresses and airy dresses.

Round glasses are ideal for a romantic look.

“Transparent” quiet shades (without frames)

Nowadays, many people like new trends - rimless eyewear . With them a person is completely natural. Such glasses seem to dissolve on the face.

These models are suitable for romantic dates and hippie-style clothing.

Ideal: a short leather jacket, a long skirt (dress) with extraordinary accessories.

Little tisheyds ("blind ones")

The emphasis on drama is enhanced by very small round glasses ; they can deform the proportions of your face.

Sometimes they are called “blind people” (everyone remembers them in the character of Basilio the cat).

These are black “doll” glasses with metal frames. An original option for thin girls. This creative accessory will definitely attract everyone's attention.

Glasses look great in a casual or smart-casual a sporty style is also suitable . You can choose a spectacular hat and an abundance of stylish jewelry.

"Granny's Glasses"

Round shapes with thin plastic frames are also called “granny glasses”. These are the models our grandmothers wore; there were simply no others.

Now stylish clips have been added to old model.


These round glasses are named for their frames that are wider than the face . These are often sun protection models.

In 2021, this form is again in trend; they are worn by Hollywood stars and all fashionistas .

“Dragonfly” models (half-face grandees)

These large “goggle-eyed” glasses or “grands” , as they were called, protected the stars well from obsessive fans. A large round shape with slightly convex lenses covered the eyebrows and part of the cheeks.

They gained enormous popularity thanks to famous and beautiful women - Jacqueline Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot, who constantly wore grandees. Elton John also loved them .

Because of their size, these models are also called “dragonflies”; they closely resemble the eyes of insects. By covering a third of the face, you can hide large facial features (nose, cheekbones). Some call these models "owl" .

Grand glasses (huge lenses) were cheaper than wayfarers and aviators; the time of appearance of large models is not known.

Nowadays, the trend is grand glasses, where the lenses cover half the face. Although the frame can be different: transparent, with prints (polka dots, leopard print, multicolor, etc.).

Panto ("bicycles")

Round panto lenses are the same as teashades, but they differ in the location of the lenses; the bow on the nose is higher, in a semicircle, so they look like a “bicycle”.

Photo from the middle of the last century, in panto fashion.

The lenses of these models taper slightly towards the bottom. Their popularity came in the 1960s.

Today stylish models in various shades:

Unibrow glasses

This name was given to glasses in which the edge (upper part) of the frame is strongly pronounced. It turns out to be a double frame, the top one is just a decorative element.

A very creative model for stylish looks. They are back in trend, appearing in the collections of famous brands.

What to look for when choosing?

Before purchasing a product, you need to know the main characteristics. This will make it easier to choose a suitable option that will last for several years. It is important to remember that the main task of binocular glasses is to create a clear image of the part being examined. Therefore, when purchasing, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • Magnification factor. Depending on the type of work, models from x5 to x25 are used;
  • Depth of field;
  • Working distance.

If a person has never used such products, then it is best to buy models that have a twofold magnification. Because if the parameter is higher, it will cause some problems, for example, a decrease in the field of view when zoomed in. This will make it almost impossible to examine the part, since only one part of it will be accessible.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the method of fastening. An excellent option are models that are secured with a ring or rim. They do not require constant adjustment and fit comfortably. The only drawback of this solution is high fatigue during long-term work. However, some manufacturers have solved this problem by creating helmet glasses. The main advantage of this product is its uniform load distribution.

The cost of the product depends on several factors:

  • Brenda;
  • How does the fastening take place?
  • Availability of additional functions;
  • What material are the lenses made of?

In stores there are products that can cost either 500 rubles or 20,000. However, the whole difference will lie only in the factors described above.

Tips for choosing

When choosing glasses, pay attention to some special criteria:

  • Light weight. The lighter the glasses, the more comfortable you will be, especially when it comes to long-term work with small parts.
  • Availability of backlight. This factor will be a significant advantage, especially if you know that you sometimes have to work in poorly lit areas.
  • Equipment. Many manufacturers today are expanding this and offering several sets of lenses in a set.
  • Magnification level. Here we recommend starting from the field in which you work. The smaller the parts and mechanisms, the more magnification you will need.
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