Cough conjunctivitis fever in a child
Conjunctivitis is a common eye disease familiar to almost all of us. Especially often with this inflammation
Hemophthalmos: treatment and causes of vitreous hemorrhage
Hemophthalmos: treatment and causes of vitreous hemorrhage
Classification and symptoms Hemophthalmos. Depending on the volume of hemorrhage (bleeding), the disease is divided into three
Conjunctivitis and cough in a 3 year old child
Runny nose and conjunctivitis in a child Can conjunctivitis be caused by a runny nose in a child? We answer
Doctor in mask and glasses
Conjunctivitis - signs and causes of conjunctivitis, what can and cannot be done with conjunctivitis? How to treat conjunctivitis in adults and children?
Symptoms of conjunctivitis The clinical picture of conjunctivitis has pronounced signs: The eyes quickly get tired from reading
How many days does it take for the swelling to subside after a bruise?
How many days does it take for the swelling to subside after a bruise?
General When you receive a bruise, the skin remains intact, but the subcutaneous tissues are damaged. Man receiving
How to choose glasses for yourself: secrets of a successful purchase
If you choose the wrong glasses What happens if you choose the wrong glasses? It would seem that,
Lifting strips for the eye area from Novosvit - full review of the product
Patches for dark circles under the eyes are a kind of “stickers” soaked in special essences and gels.
What complications to expect from blepharoplasty?
Complications of eyelid surgery and methods of their correction
Early difficulties Blepharoplasty can provoke serious complications after surgery. Let's take a closer look at each
Can strabismus occur after a head injury?
Strabismus and its consequences Strabismus requires immediate treatment. In its absence, amblyopia develops, bilateral
Blepharitis in newborns is not uncommon in ophthalmological practice
Vessels are visible on the child's upper eyelids
Why does blepharitis occur in newborns? Cases of blepharitis in newborns are not uncommon in ophthalmological
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