Is it possible to use ophthalmoferon eye drops for children?

Composition and release form

Ophthalmoferon is a combined antiviral agent in the form of eye drops. The medicinal solution is colorless, absolutely transparent, has no foreign inclusions, and does not precipitate.

1 ml of the drug contains 10,000 IU of human interferon, a protein that is produced by the immune system and makes cells immune to viral infection. The composition also includes 1 mg of diphenhydramine, an antihistamine (anti-allergic) compound.

Auxiliary components:

  • boric acid ─ the basis for multicomponent preparations;
  • povidone, macrogol ─ binder;
  • sodium chloride ─ solvent;
  • disodium edetate ─ enhances the adsorption (absorption) of a solution through the mucous membranes;
  • sodium acetate ─ acidity regulator;
  • hypromellose ─ stabilizer, emulsifier;
  • purified water.

The drug is available in 10 ml plastic dropper bottles or in glass bottles (10 ml), tightly closed with rubber stoppers and rolled up with an aluminum protective cap. The glass bottle in a cardboard box comes with an additional plastic dropper attachment.

Operating principle

Interferon prevents the replication (multiplication) of viruses. The substance does not have a direct antiviral effect, but it causes chemical changes in cells after which they become immune to the pathogen.

When interferon gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, it affects the body in the following way:

  • the protein, penetrating healthy cells, triggers the production of substances that resist viral attack;
  • uninfected cells actively synthesize components that destroy the RNA of viruses and lead to their death;
  • the drug activates powerful immune defense at the cellular level;
  • human interferon activates the TP53 gene, which programs the process of apoptosis ─ death of an infected cell.

Interferon is the most powerful stimulator of the children's immune system. Enhances the activity of lymphocytes, leukocytes, massively produces neutrophils (microbe killer cells) and macrophages (cleanse the body of dead parasitic cells).

The diphenhydramine contained in the composition relieves itching, inflammation, swelling, and redness of the mucous membranes of the eyes. Causes short-term pain relief and has a calming effect on irritated conjunctiva.

Pharmacological action of Oftalmoferon:

  • antivirus;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetic;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • restorative.

The nature of the runny nose

Rhinitis is based on inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Swelling is caused by infectious agents: viruses, bacteria, fungi. The cause of allergic rhinitis is the entry into the nasopharynx of substances that provoke the development of swelling of the mucous membrane and copious secretion of mucus.

See also

The use of drops and compresses with black radish for the treatment of sinusitis


Causes of nasal congestion include:

  • injuries;
  • congenital curvature of the nasal septum;
  • adenoids with their growth;
  • reactions to medications;
  • polyps;
  • disturbances in the regulation of vascular tone.

A runny nose is a sign not only of colds, but also of autoimmune diseases - psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Treatment for rhinitis is selected depending on the cause of the disease. Since a runny nose of an infectious nature is more common, antiviral drugs are selected.


Eye drops are prescribed to children for viral conjunctivitis caused by herpes, adenovirus, and enterovirus.

The medicine is effective for the following types of keratitis (viral inflammation of the cornea):

  • dotted ─ small dotted defects on the cornea scattered throughout the epithelium;
  • vesicular ─ superficial form of eye herpes;
  • dendritic ─ a herpetic infection that leaves small erosions on the cornea that form after the vesicles open;
  • map-like ─ corneal defects in the form of cartographic patterns.

The drug is effective for stromal keratitis, when inflammation spreads to the deeper layers of the cornea and other eye structures, provided there are no ulcers.

Oftalmoferon is suitable for the treatment of keratoconjunctivitis, inflammation of the vascular network of the eye caused by the herpes simplex virus (uveitis), keratouveitis, including ulcerative ones.

Drops are prescribed for dry eye syndrome (chronic deficiency of tear fluid).

The drug is dripped after surgical treatment on the organs of vision. This allows you to avoid complications and the addition of a secondary (bacterial) infection.

Composition, indications for use of Oftalmoferon

The drug gets its name from the main active ingredient - recombinant human interferon. It comes in the form of eye drops that appear as a clear white solution. The drug may have a slight yellowish tint, but this is not a sign that the drug is unsuitable.

Interferon has an antiviral effect, strengthens local immunity, reduces the severity of allergic manifestations, relieves itching, inflammation, and tissue swelling. Due to the peculiarities of the excipients, Oftalmoferon is practically not absorbed, so it has an effect only in the area of ​​the affected eye, there is no systemic effect.

Indications for the use of this drug are viral and allergic inflammatory diseases of the conjunctiva, eyelids, eyelashes, iris, as well as eye transplant rejection, dry eye syndrome, lacrimation disorders, complications after eye surgery.

Where can I buy:

Oftalmoferon is available as eye drops in bottles of 5 and 10 ml; there is no separate release form for children. It is used in adults, adolescents, children of school and preschool age, and in urgent need - in infants and newborns.

The product has a shelf life of 2 years; after opening the package, the medicine must be consumed within 30 days; after this period, the medicine cannot be used.

Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics

Eye drops have only a local effect and are not absorbed into the blood. The main effect is the interruption of the pathological process of viral replication. A similar action underlies the antihistamine effect of the drug. Thus, ophthalmoferon does not allow viruses to multiply and reduces the manifestations of the inflammatory process. The drug does not have a systemic antiviral or antihistamine effect.

It is almost impossible to determine the concentration of Oftalmoferon in blood plasma, since its content is below the detection limit of all existing test systems. The drug is not metabolized by the body and is removed from the eye along with the tear fluid through the nasolacrimal duct. Because of this, immediately after instillation, you may feel a slight feeling of nasal congestion or increased nasal discharge.

Instructions for use for children

Drops are used only conjunctivally.

  1. For acute eye infections by viruses, infants of the first year of life are instilled with 1 drop up to 6 times a day. From 1 to 7 years ─ 1-2 drops 6 to 8 times a day. Schoolchildren and adolescents are prescribed 2 drops in each eye every 2 hours. As the acute inflammation subsides, the daily dose is adjusted to 2-3 instillations. The duration of the therapeutic course is until the signs of the disease completely disappear.
  2. For low-grade chronic inflammation, the solution is used 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops into the affected eye.
  3. If a child has dry eye syndrome, use the product daily for a month. Treatment regimen: 1 drop into the conjunctival sac every morning and evening.
  4. As a preventive measure after surgical treatment, Oftalmoferon is instilled 1-2 drops up to 3-4 times a day for 14 days.

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Has anyone used ophthalmoferon for conjunctivitis in a 2 year old child?

I gave it to my son when he was a month old.
It helped a lot, unlike the drops prescribed by our “! brilliant” pediatrician. In the acute stage of the disease, Oftalmoferon is used as a drip into the eyes. Vasoconstrictor nasal drops for children under one year of age.

I was dripping, only my daughter is 3 years old. Recently here.

Can any of these “ophthalmoferon” or “chloramphenicol” drops act as a sleeping pill on a child?

They can. but better is the hand that rocks the cradle (if there is no leg going to Koktebel).

To buy truly effective eye drops for your child, you need to know what kind of conjunctivitis he is suffering from. Ophthalmoferon - eye drops.

What helps against conjunctivitis, for a 2 year old child

Tea bags from drunken tea, wipe your eyes towards the nose, but if it’s strong, like I had in childhood, then I was also treated with rinsing, only boric acid powder was diluted with water, I don’t remember the proportions, it’s like on the tip of a knife to a glass of water. helped.

Combinil duo plus plus ophthalmoferon was prescribed to the child. Everything passed in 2 days, but the drops continued for 5-7 days anyway, only the last days were less frequent.

You'd better consult your doctors. Isn’t it scary to treat a child with recipes from teapots from the street?!

Tetracycline or erythromycin ointment (eye) once at night is sometimes sufficient

Pediatrician or pediatric ophthalmologist.

Albucid, or chloramphenicol drops, drop one or two drops into both eyes (and into the healthy one, if one eye is only inflamed) for at least three days (preferably five) - since it’s still an antibiotic. Store the drops in the refrigerator, warm them a little in your hands before use) GOOD LUCK PS Did the doctor make the diagnosis?

Tobrex or Tobradex drops. Rinse your eyes with a solution of furatsilin, chamomile or black tea.

Instructions for use Oftalmoferon. Reviews, indications for use, method of application and Clinics. Mothers, children and health. Anatomy theory. Ethnoscience.

Albucid will help you... nothing more... the rest is just a doctor. will say..

How to treat conectivitis. for a 4 year old child I take ophthalmoferon drops

Tobrex drops! Drip twice and that’s it! I treated my 3.5 year old child and myself for a week ago!

Oftalmoferon is it possible for children to take photos? Read other articles about children, their life, upbringing, and development.

If we are talking about conjunctivitis, then I treated it with tetracycline ointment or levomethicin drops!

See your doctor. Conjunctivitis is such a sneaky thing that it can develop into chronic, it can turn into kerrotitis. And conjunctivitis is caused by various types of microbes. Therefore, not all types of drugs that say they help against conctivitis. I still suffer from childhood conctivitis

At night, tetracycline ointment during the day, or Tobrex drops or sodium sulfacyl (but they are burning, the child is unlikely to tolerate it)

Who can tell you more about the use of OFTHALMOFERON?

My daughter has conjunctivitis. How did you treat it? Besides rinsing with sleeping tea, albucid and taufon? Maybe something new has appeared

Previously, Albucid was dripped. and now Tsipromed helps))) only him)

The Latin name is Oftalmoferon. The main question in the instructions for using Oftalmoferon in children, at what age can it be instilled and how often?

Tetracycline. An old, proven remedy.

Tetracycline ointment...

A two-month-old baby's eye is festering. Will breast milk help?

Strong tea

Oftalmoferon is well tolerated by both adults and children. To restore vision function, the doctor prescribed Oftalmoferon eye drops.

Making tea. weak solution. slightly brown. not a package, but a real one..

If the drops do not help, then either they are not suitable, or you are not using them correctly, in any case, you should consult a doctor again, and not treat the child with traditional methods

Better tea! Better yet, go see a doctor

Let's think logically. Breast milk is the best environment for bacteria to grow, just like any other milk. And the child already has enough bacteria in his eye if it festers. Perhaps you just need to select other drops, Floxal for example (I use it to treat eyes in maternity hospitals). Narrowness of the tear ducts is also possible. In this case, you need to do a special massage + special drops. If it doesn’t help, then mechanical probing of the lacrimal canaliculus will be carried out, no big deal. Fortunately, massage and drops helped us. And by the way, no tea, now it’s generally difficult to find tea without dye, you can burn the child’s mucous eye with paint.

I don’t recommend breast milk - it has different composition. Try chloramphenicol eye drops (they don’t sting), there is also ophthalmoferon, but I don’t know if it’s suitable for your age. It’s best not to look for advice here, go back to the doctor, ask for other drops. If you don’t trust this doctor, go to a paid one.

Show full information. Latin name Oftalmoferon. ATX S01AD05 Interferon. Pharmacological groups Immunomodulators H1-antihistamines…

Breast milk contains bacteria that are normal and beneficial for the intestines. But if they get into the eye, they can cause even more inflammation. Apply drops and do a special massage of the inner corner of the eye, which your doctor can teach you

Some kind of Stone Age. About 10 years ago, all the horrors were told about milk dripping into the eyes. In cases like yours, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic. And if it did not help the child, then you either used it unfairly or the child has a more serious problem than the doctor thought. In any case, a repeated visit to the doctor is mandatory.

Have you been diagnosed with dacryocystitis? If yes, then anything will bring temporary relief until the cause is eliminated. Do not wash with milk; it is a good breeding ground for bacteria. It will only get worse.

No milk at all! it will be worse! tea, chamomile will help, if not, furatsilin, if not, levomiticin for 7 days, if not, tobrex for 7 days, if not, then you need to puncture the tear duct. Be sure to do a massage, look on the Internet how. We had the same thing since birth, and only after 8 months had passed, because they refused to pull the puncture. In general, all doctors prescribe what I wrote. massage immediately and without fail. milk of nasty things will earn you horror!

No need to put food in your eyes!

Today Oftalmoferon is used both as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. Angelina Jolie, who intends to seek sole custody of six children…

We also had this from birth. I suffered for 2 months. no drops helped. The ophthalmologist strictly forbade drips of milk and tea. just rinse with chamomile or boiled water. The diagnosis was “obstruction of the lacrimal duct.” They performed a procedure to open the tear duct. everything is gone.

No need for breast milk... My baby’s eye also festered at that time. . The doctor prescribed Torbex, and most importantly - massage of the tear duct - this is the corner of the eye, near the nose, but better yet, go to the ophthalmologist again!!!!

TO AN OPHTHALMOLOGIST urgently! this is an obstruction of the tear duct

It should help. It helped mine. try it. my throat didn't hurt)

Under no circumstances should you put breast milk in your baby's eyes! You wouldn't do that to yourself... It’s better to go to an ophthalmologist, he will tell you what you have and what to use. Our eye also festered, if I’m not mistaken, we instilled it with chloramphenicol.

The drug Ophthalmoferon is produced in the form of eye drops, which are stored in places inaccessible to children.

Oh we had the same thing

The infection got into the child's eyes. How to treat?

Yeah, we'll write out the prescription right now. Go to the hospital!

Interesting fact The likelihood of developing leukemia in children whose fathers smoke is 4 times higher. Ophthalmoferon is an antibacterial and antiviral agent used in…

Again to the doctor. will prescribe Vitobact

They tried to put a tea bag

Firstly, the medicine needs time to work, and the eye needs rest. Secondly, chloramphenicol is already banned in all countries, but in our country it is still prescribed to children. There is a good drug called Vigamox.

I’m just tired of my eyes, by the morning I’ll feel better, but the drops don’t help, they make me red and irritated, my eyelids itch and the only thing that helps is a simple eye ointment. I also treat my nose with oxolinic ointment... no naphthyzine helps

This is conjunctivitis, since the infection has spread to the other eye. After some time, if you do not treat your eyes in the morning, they will not open due to pus, and there may be blood. There is allergic conjunctivitis, more often viral. The child should not be in the sun or wind. In short, home mode. They don't treat it themselves.

Which is harmful. Proper nutrition. Children's health. Medicines Analogues of eye drops Ophthalmoferon.

If the doctor didn’t help, then these tips on are even more so! You better not deal with bullshit, but treat the child’s eyes. This is no joke, it will damage your eye so much that your vision may even disappear.

Albucid. or better yet, see a doctor.

Go to another doctor! If these drops do not help, then you will be prescribed other drops. Only a doctor can prescribe eye drops, do not experiment! If you have holy water from the church at home, you can rinse it; it personally helped me a lot with redness.

Oftalmoferon helps well, but I don’t know if it’s possible for children or not.

Conjunctivitis. Whose child was sick? What drops does the child tolerate well, so that they do not burn his eyes, and allows them to be instilled?

Rinse frequently with potassium permanganate solution. . From the outer corner of the eye to the inner. . You can also brew tea strongly. . This definitely doesn’t bake...

About the experience of clinical use of the drug Oftalmoferon, eye drops in children with vi-. 3. Russian inflammatory eye diseases.

Potassium permanganate solution is dangerous!!! ! In addition to drops, our pediatrician prescribed tetracycline ointment. At night in the eyes... scary, but no sensations, the baby did not complain.

I also have conjunctivitis, but I’m not a child... I rinse with manganese, and tetracycline ointment helps a lot, only apply it before bed, sodium sulfacyl drops are stinging, and almost all of them are stinging... the main thing is not to put an eye patch on

Levomycetin eye drops

Tsipromed - for bacterial conjunctivitis, Oftalmoferon - for viral...

I wash it with strong tea, drip Albucid or Tsiprolet, and use tetracycline ointment at night. And I never ask about “let’s bury”, that’s all

Ophthalmoferon dosage form in the form of eye drops based on interferon Purulent conjunctivitis began in my child constantly in dusty, dry weather...

Levomethicin 0.25%

How to apply eye drops to a 1.5 month old baby?

One holds, the other drips

International nonproprietary name Oftalmoferon Oftalmoferon. You can learn about modern methods of treating myopia in children by reading this article.

That's what kind of mother you are if you can't even cope with this.

Maybe in a dream?

One holds, the other drips. no other way

Simply and easily. Ask your husband to help hold your head. The problem will be in a year, how to put eye drops on a 1 year 2 month old child. We participate as a family in burying the nose and eye. Dad and brother are holding the little fidget, and mom is burying it. This is even worse, at this age we hit with our hands, kick, and bite with our teeth. Be strong, sometimes you need to be tough.

She held it tightly and buried it, since the folder was at work during the day. I learned it myself - and it’s ok. Sometimes it’s worth showing the will - well, he cries and cries - but he needs to be treated, so we take him and treat him. And then you can hug and kiss, etc.)

Offers in Moscow. Oftalmoferon Ophtalmoferon.Ophtalmoferon Ophtalmoferon. eye drops 5 ml in a dropper bottle.

There is only one trick: treating and feeling sorry are different and incompatible things. So I took it and buried it

Maybe just drop one in quietly. What's the problem anyway? From the age of 2 weeks we also put ointment in the eyes without anyone’s help. just don't be afraid

Get used to it some more. We fix it with our knees or at the elbow. one hand holds, the other uses the little finger to push back the eyelid, the other fingers squeeze the pipette

I would try it in my sleep.

So I think that it’s more difficult to put drops in the eyes of my 2.5 year old, and then he coped, he screams and kicks, and at 1.5 months, just think of something, call a neighbor, you can’t do it yourself if there’s not enough weight in her Treatment Eye drops Oftalmoferon instructions for use. All about the main causes of dry eye syndrome in children here http…

And besides ophthalmoferon, nothing was prescribed? It is prescribed for viral conjunctivitis... and it burns sooooo much... He may ask you to change the drug...

Is it possible to cure conjunctivitis in an adult without consulting a doctor and how?

You can drip Sulfacid for a few days, but if it doesn’t help, you need to go to the doctor.

Indications for use. Oftalmoferon - Oftalmoferon has a wide spectrum. Some people are familiar with the situation when a child often and for a long time suffers from a common cold.

Try rinsing with chamomile

So: Is it possible to cure conjunctivitis without seeing a doctor?;) Of course you can.;) Conjunctivitis can be treated using traditional methods: People have long come up with methods for treating this disease, when drops and ointments did not yet exist. Therefore, there are quite a lot of folk methods. Here are a few of them: - tea leaves. Cotton pads are soaked in brewed black tea and then applied to the eyes. Some people do not put cotton pads over their eyes, but rather sleepy tea bags. It is also very useful to wash your eyes with tea leaves 3 times a day; — fresh cucumber juice has the strongest anti-inflammatory effect. Using the juice allows you to combine the treatment of conjunctivitis and a face mask. Joke. Just like tea, take a cotton pad, soak it in the juice and apply it to your eyelids; - Chamomile is a popular anti-inflammatory remedy. Pour boiling water over 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers, let it brew and cool. You can rinse your eyes with the infusion, or you can take it orally. 4 times a day, a third of a glass; — oak bark contains many tannins, which help relieve inflammation, redness and swelling. Prepare a decoction, as in the case of chamomile, and use it for lotions. And this is only a small part of all traditional medicine recipes. As you can see, the question of how to treat conjunctivitis in adults is not even worthwhile - there are a lot of remedies. But it is best to avoid conjunctivitis in order not to engage in such not very pleasant treatment. And it is very simple: wash your hands as often as possible and never touch your own eyes with unwashed hands. Good luck

Only an antibiotic, there is an eye ointment, I forgot the name...

In order to treat it, it is necessary to first identify its etiology; can you do this yourself?

Tetracycline ointment is placed behind the eyelid, and Ophthalmoferon is added.

Side effects. Treatment with Oftalmoferon. Oftalmoferon for children and newborns.

It depends on what kind of conjunctivitis. If it is viral, a treatment regimen may be needed, which only a doctor can draw up.

You can, but you don't need to! Then such complications happen that no doctor can help. The eyes are no joke.

Eye drops)

If at the initial stage, try washing your eyes with simple laundry soap (each eye separately), with the expectation that the soap scum will get into your eyes - you will have to be patient a little, it is advisable to avoid drafts if you have conjunctivitis

I had this (I got infected from my child), Normax drops were used, they helped a lot

The drug has no age restrictions, so Oftalmoferon can be used in children, including infants and newborns.

Tetracycline ointment, drops of albucid or chloramphenicol.

And we had it. Albucid was dripped and tetracycline ointment was rubbed in.

I always take Normax drops with me on all my trips (they are for ears and eyes)

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The unique drug Ophthalmoferon eye drops was created in 1999 at the FIRNM Scientific Research Center by a group of scientists led by a doctor of medicine...

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Oftalmoferon for children. Ophthalmologists prescribe the use of these drops in childhood, since they are not contraindications to the use of Oftalmoferon drops.

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When visiting a doctor, both children and adults with eye disease may well be prescribed the drug Ophthalmoferon. The content of the article

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What is the mechanism of action of the drug Oftalmoferon? At what age can Oftalmoferon be used in children?

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They told us to take some ophthalmoferon. Who tried it? Is it a good remedy? How did the child take it?

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HOW to put ophthalmoferon in the eyes of a child? Good evening! The doctor prescribed ophthalmoferon drops 5 times a day for viral conjunctivitis.



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Good afternoon The child has conjunctivitis, we are treating it with ophthalmoferon. Who used it, tell me if you liked the drug and how the treatment went?!


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Yet children encounter this problem more often than adults. This includes very young children who are not yet a year old. They take Oftalmoferon for an average of 5 days.

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Eye drops FIRN M Oftalmoferon - reviews. Recommended by 91%. Quality. Once, an older child of seven years old’s eyes turned red. All the whites of the eyes were like a blood mesh.

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OFTHALMOFERON. , drops. OPHTALMOFERON.Is this normal? There is no way to get to the doctor, the baby is one and a half months old Spiral...


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A 4-year-old child has been treated for conjunctivitis since September 20. We drip Oftolmoferon and Tobrex, but the eyelid is red

Consider taking your child to the doctor again.

Attention, the question is: can OFTHALMOFERON be given to a child of this age and is it effective? Healthy?

Maybe the ophthalmologist needs to change the treatment. You haven't improved for too long. It should have passed by this time.

Go with your child to an ophthalmologist. Perhaps it's barley. Physical therapy is required. Barley can generally become encysted. In this case, it is useless to treat him.

You know, I have the same situation, drops don’t help me, only ointment drops irritate the mucous membrane, I feel a burning sensation and the result is zero, but the ointment immediately relieves inflammation, try buying the ointment at the pharmacy, before it was simply called eye ointment and I lubricated the edge of the eyelid, as if Apply a tiny amount to the corner of your eye and it will “spread” on its own.

Instead of all this chemicals, try rinsing with dried tea leaves. Pour it into your palm and let the child blink, three times in each eye. And every hour during the day. This is the only way I treat mine with conjunctevitis and stye. Barley goes away in 2 days. Medicines don't help that much.

As far as I know, conjunctivitis cannot be treated with ophthalmoferon; some local antibiotics are needed - for example, levomecithin eye drops. but I'm not a doctor. and sometimes it’s scary what kind of specimens there are among doctors! If your ophthalmologist does not change your treatment, although there is no improvement, then I can advise you to go to the emergency department, where another doctor will look at your child. Rubbing your eyes with chamomile also helps.

For small children, 1 drop is instilled 4 times a day. Reviews confirm that Oftalmoferon eliminates dry eye syndrome in the shortest possible time.

Give your child fenestyl, or zodak, or fenkarol, in an age-appropriate dosage, it is quite possible that it is just an allergy. See another doctor

I'm an adult, I also have a red eyelid... I went to everyone... an ophthalmologist, a dermatologist, a neurologist.... everyone writes out what they want... ((((and it’s been like that for three months already.... I stopped going to the doctors. My husband did some digging on the Internet.... we found it ourselves.... now I don’t wash my eyes with water, there is severe irritation, my eyelids are red... I wash them with lotion, it’s called BLEPHAROLOTION. (available in pharmacies rarely, ordered). Next I apply BLEPHAROGEL No. 2. (available on sale). And then there are BLEPHAROWIPES (they are not on sale at all, they are rare and the price is expensive). Read on the internet... it might come in handy... It's up to you to decide! Health! and also an important point - the treatment has been beneficial! I’ve been on treatment for 11 days now, pah-pah, everything is fine... this gel is prescribed for children too.

We were also prescribed Tobrex; it didn’t help at all (I thought it was a fake). After that, my daughter always dripped chloramphenicol, and tetracycline ointment under the lower eyelid, which can also be washed with tea leaves or chamomile.

My son was 1.6 years old when we caught this bug. One doctor prescribed drops (I don’t remember exactly which ones) they dripped for a week - the result was zero!)))) The second eye also began to hurt! Let's go to another doctor. She prescribed us to put tetracycline ointment behind the eyelid. After two days, the redness began to subside, and soon disappeared completely!))) ) Good luck, don’t get sick!))))

We are always prescribed: levomiticin, washing the eyes with furatsilin and at night tetracycline ointment under the lower eyelid.

For pregnant and nursing mothers. Everything for feeding children. See all. You can buy Oftalmoferon on the website or in our pharmacies in Moscow.

When a child gets sick, what can you do to prevent complications?

Go to the doctor!

Buy Oftalmoferon in an online pharmacy in Moscow, low prices and official instructions for Oftalmoferon instructions for use. Instructions for children and pregnant women.

You can do inhalation with mineral water, take Essentuki 17, for example. Humidify the air in the apartment, ventilate it more often, drink more. To treat conjunctivitis, consult an ophthalmologist. We were prescribed ophthalmoferon and rinsing with strong tea.

It is best to prevent any complications with proper and timely treatment!!!!

It’s scary that at 3 years old, the child already has a “chronic” condition! Look at folk remedies! I read that beet juice cures chronic sinusitis! Inhalations are not good for the lungs!

There are no complications for those who do not lower their temperature and do not spoil their immunity. . homemade saline solution is the most beneficial of all for washing and instillation…. As you can see, the child has the virus, and the virus itself will die in 5 days. Compotes to the rescue.

I liked Silen’s answer, I can only add that in such cases, when it doesn’t occur to me what to do, I watch Doctor Komarovsky’s School and call the doctor

I used Oftalmoferon from time to time for eye fatigue, and here it came in handy for the child! 07/05/2014.

Until I was 5 years old, I tried to prevent the complications of colds in every possible way, but it all ended with one thing - antibiotics, but I learned one thing well: if within 5 days the results do not improve after taking medications, urgently do an x-ray of the lungs

Arbidol, anaferon! Yesentuki inhalations number 4, just pour it into the inhaler and do it for 10 minutes! Yesentuki can even be used for prevention

Help me understand!! What the doctor wrote to my child.

Oh... and even the photo is upside down... I definitely won’t read it... well, the diagnosis is acute respiratory infection...

Oftalmoferon. Indications adenoviral, hemorrhagic enteroviral, herpetic conjunctivitis adenoviral, herpetic vesicular, punctate, tree-like, card-shaped keratitis

So did you write it upside down?

Diagnosis: acute respiratory infections and two tablets

We came out differently. Upside down sucks.

Eferalgan suppositories (take any paracetomol-containing drug) - drinking plenty of fluids for fever, Viferon suppositories (don’t waste your money, a dummy, not a medicine), ophthalmoferon I didn’t decipher the penultimate one. Strange doctor, that’s how you can prescribe two types of suppositories at the same time?!

Oftalmoferon 2 drops 3 times a day in the eyes Viferon suppositories 150 thousand units 1 suppository 2 times a day for 5 days Efferalgan suppositories at temperatures above 38 Regidron 1 teaspoon every 5-10 minutes Drink plenty of fluids It seems to me that the child has an adenoviral infection, judging by the appointments... You can do without Viferon, and it’s true

Our children. From birth to one year. The child's eyes are infected! I need advice. You can also use Tsipromed and Oftalmoferon, but check whether it is suitable for your age.

Absolutely adequate treatment for ARVI. So they prescribe 2 types of suppositories because they have different effects

Go to the manager. clinics and ask them to read..

How and with what to treat? My dog ​​has pus flowing from his eye! How to treat it?

A veterinarian.

Oftalmoferon Oftalmoferon 1 doctor review, 10 patient reviewsChildren just don’t like it when something is dripped into the eye. But the effect is always positive from their use.

Treat by a veterinarian. Have you heard of this doctor? Take your dog to him and don’t self-medicate, leave the dog without an eye.

I need to see a doctor. while you go to the doctor - okomistin or ophthalmoferon. but you need to see a doctor. we need to look for the cause, injury or infection or worms or a hundred other things. . to the doctor.

Special eye drops for dogs. Sold in pet stores or veterinary pharmacies. They are cheap - about 30 rubles, maybe a little more. You just need to go and tell the seller that the dog has conjunctivitis and is leaking pus. You need to drip every 3 hours for the first few hours, then you can drip less often - according to the instructions. It is advisable that all this is done by an adult, not a child.

Take the dog to the vet

Probably ciprovet. It's true that I'm not a veterinarian. So it cannot be ruled out that it could cause harm in the case of your dog. Treatment over the Internet is a so-so idea.

Oftalmoferon, according to the instructions, is used conjunctivally. The treatment regimen is determined by the disease. In the acute stage of viral eye lesions, adults and children are instilled with...

Imagine that it hurts your eye. Where will you go in this case? Probably to the doctor. Why is your dog worse than you? take her to the clinic! They now often work around the clock. Google is here to help you!

Don’t feed your dog sweets, and spoil him less with all sorts of bits from the table, everything will pass just fine

Good afternoon There can be many reasons why a dog has pus flowing from its eye. Infection, breed characteristics, internal diseases... It’s impossible to list everything. It’s worth going to the vet, though, because you can leave a dog without an eye. Tests if required, pills, injections. On the Internet, they cannot give you all this without an examination, unlike a veterinarian. Good luck!

Hint: it flows =D and does not flow

Please tell me what to do. my son is 4 months old. For 2 months of which his right eye has been festering.

Did you donate blood for biochemistry???

Then, with the help of two adults who were holding the child, I dripped or tried to drip ophthalmoferon into the corners of the eyes.

Get tested and consult with another doctor

Conjunctivitis, wash your child’s eyes with a solution more often

Possible tear duct blockage

We were prescribed albucid and chloramphenicol drops, 1 drop in each eye. Drops should be alternated every hour. At night, put Erythromycin ointment behind the eyelid and apply it on top. You probably also have a runny nose, and your baby is putting snot in his eyes. We had about the same thing - we were 5 months old. Regarding the tests, this is nonsense, especially about biochemistry; for this analysis you need to donate blood from a vein. But there is no point in this, since inflammation is already clear.

Dilute Furacilin in water and rinse, try Tobrex instead of Albucit, but ALWAYS BURN INTO BOTH EYES!!!

Patient reviews. Oftalmoferon solution of eye drops based on human The cost of the drug Oftalmoferon in Moscow pharmacies starts from 275 rubles.

This is familiar... I also wiped it with tea leaves... my son is five now. I noticed that when I get cold, sometimes it hurts my eyes. ointments are not always at hand (the pharmacy is far away...) so tea leaves will help us...

Oftalmoferon drops. Nothing helped my eldest except them.

Go to another doctor, for example, to an eye hospital with a surgeon, there are practicing doctors

We had obstruction of the lacrimal canal. Is there a tear in your eye?

Help dispel doubts... CONJECTIVITIS in a 9 month old baby..

Conjunctivitis is best treated by rinsing with tea leaves. mine went away in three days

Those who are breastfeeding should decide individually with their doctor. The approximate cost of Oftalmoferon eye drops in Moscow pharmacies is 300 rubles.

I washed it with tea leaves and applied cotton wool with calendula tea, it helped after 3-4 days. Tried Tobrex - no effect.

Yes, it is usually easy to treat; before, they used to drop albucid or apply tetracycline ointment

Ophthalmoferon, Tobrex and Zovirax... mmaaaa.... Your ophthalmologist is a desperate type. Tea leaves or a barely pink solution of potassium permanganate. Wipe the eyes from edge to corner (from the temple to the bridge of the nose). Albucid - you can drip it, it’s a wonderful remedy, albeit a bearded one.

Penicillin helps a lot, just wet your eyes 4-5 times during the day and in the morning you will wake up healthy, don’t torment your child with drops

My son was 1.7 years old and also got sick. First one eye, then the second. They prescribed us a few drops - albucid, chloramphenicol and something else. We used the drops for a week - it didn’t help, the second eye became even redder! ((We went to another doctor. We were prescribed tetracycline ointment. Within a day the redness began to subside, and after another 3 days it disappeared completely. Good luck, get better!)))

Ophthalmoferon, analogues of which are very common, are eye drops that can be used if you have a viral eye infection.

You dissolve a tablet of regular Furacilin and rinse the eye, we also dropped Tobrex - a good drug. Albucid is not worth dripping - it stings the eyes, it is better to use Levomecithin drops, one drop in each eye. There in the instructions it says about a limit of up to a year, but we also drip them before we were one year old.

We were prescribed antibiotics. On the 3rd day it was noticeably better. I think the treatment is not working for you.

How to cure viral conjunctivitis in a child?

Doctors' prescriptions are best for treatment, not advice from passers-by

Oftalmoferon eye drops are used topically. In the acute phase of the disease, it was shown that it did not help the child with conjunctivitis, they started dripping Tobrex - everything went away in 2 days.

Let's go to the doctor!!!

Propolis tincture with milk.

Is Russia not enough for you? Why are you wandering around foreign countries, and even with children? Carry diseases around the world. It is generally unknown what you picked up there.

“Eye conjunctivitis - medical and folk remedies” -

1. Massage of the nasolacrimal duct (1 mm below the inner corner of the eye, the transition of the cheek to the nose, perpendicular to this place with strong jerking movements (10 times) we massage, 2-6 times a day (as needed), then with a napkin soaked in tea, from remove the pus from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one, 2. After this, instill Tobrex (or Levomycetin eye drops, 1-2, depending on age, drops 3 times a day; Vigamox is not recommended again). 3. Poludan eye drops, 1-2 drops 3-4 times a day (at least 15 minutes between antibiotic drops and Poludan). Poludan is better, especially in your case: it stimulates local immunity. Oftalmoferon does not contribute to this.

Instructions for use. A single dosage of Oftalmoferon in all cases is 1-2 drops in each eye. For acute illnesses in adults and children...

The eyes are rotting very much!!! + and also very swollen

Tobrex helps us well

Of course there is - albucid, chloramphenicol drops, ointment.

Just 2 times is not enough. You need to wash it more often and bury it too.

Tobradex (aka Tobrex) was prescribed to me. I'm happy with the result. Within a day the symptoms went away, but they told me to keep taking it for 2 weeks anyway.

Conjunctivitis is a serious disease and it will not go away in one day. Plus it's contagious, keep that in mind. and do not change the medicine at your own discretion, only after consulting with your doctor, otherwise you may only make things worse.

They instilled Tobrex only 2 times, although after the first time it helped, a lot of it started coming out of the eyes right after the drops, they washed it off, and in the evening they dropped it again, the next morning it was all gone. The doctor prescribed it for us.

Improvement usually takes 2-3 days. rinse frequently with furatsilin.

Oftalmoferon should be used only as prescribed by the attending physician if the expected benefit for the child outweighs the potential risk.

Antibiotic drops

Recommend eye drops, the child has a problem!

Side effects and overdose

The medicine is well tolerated by children. No cases of overdose have been recorded in pediatric practice.

Ophthalmoferon, when used topically, is not absorbed through the conjunctiva into the bloodstream. Therefore, it does not affect the functionality of the child’s vital organs.

In rare cases, a slight burning sensation in the eyes was noted. Children with a history of severe allergies may develop local hypersensitivity reactions:

  • itching, irritation;
  • hyperemia of the mucous membrane;
  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • peeling of the skin around the eyes;
  • urticaria, allergic dermatitis.

Interferon is dangerous when the drug is injected into the blood. In this case, children develop disorders of the nervous system ─ partial or complete paralysis of skeletal muscles and oculomotor nerves. Failures of heart contractions and arrhythmias occur. Schoolchildren experience mental disorders such as depressed mood, chronic depression, and suicidal tendencies.

When using eye drops according to the instructions, it is impossible for Oftalmoferon to enter the bloodstream. Therefore, the medicine is safe for children of all ages.

Storage conditions, special instructions

Instructions for children require especially careful handling of the storage conditions of the drug. The medicine is dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, but it is advisable to consult a specialist before use. Eye drops should be stored in the refrigerator and warmed to room temperature before use.

Immediately after the administration of the drops, a temporary deterioration in vision is possible, so schoolchildren must observe a fifteen-minute interval between eye drops and visual activity (reading, watching TV, working at the computer). It is not advisable to use drops immediately before going outside. During the treatment period, it is better to refrain from walking, especially unaccompanied.

If the child wears contact lenses, they should be removed before using the medicine and then put on after 15-20 minutes. Wearing glasses does not impose any restrictions on the use of these eye drops. You should refrain from riding bicycles and scooters, and be especially careful when crossing streets.

Ophthalmoferon is considered one of the most effective antiviral agents used by ophthalmologists. It is safe enough that, if indicated, it can be used in children, starting from birth. If this article was useful to you, you can share it on social networks, and also subscribe to site updates so as not to miss information important to you.

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